Greenwich.HR partners with QJumpers US to provide AI Talent Sourcing and Labor Market Intelligence

Sep 16, 2022


Greenwich.HR and QJumpers USA LLC are announcing a joint partnership to deliver next-generation candidate sourcing and labor market intelligence in a bundled offering. 

This will allow companies to quickly find and successfully recruit talent in this fast-changing market. The offering will combine the real-time, AI-driven candidate matching of QJumpers US with the predictive pay and hiring intelligence provided Greenwich.HR’s WageScape application.

“The combination of the QJumpers AI Talent Sourcing system and the WageScape labor market intelligence application creates a very powerful offering for our clients,” says Simon Oldham, CEO of QJumpers. “Not only will they be able to understand the employment market and demand for talent in their specific areas, but they will also be able to find and source the talent all in one platform. We are very excited about this partnership with Greenwich.HR.”

“The fit between QJumpers and WageScape is outstanding,” said Cary Sparrow, CEO of Greenwich.HR, “We are both committed to breaking through the limitations of traditional approaches, which are all failing in this unprecedented labor market. We both have solutions designed to surface and address opportunities in real-time.”

QJumpers is the AI Talent Sourcing solution that builds deep pools of active and passive quality candidates for each organization. With skills and leadership shortages continuing to be one of the leading business concerns, the new joint venture provides an innovative answer to this major global problem of not having ready access to quality talent.

QJumpers – A New Source of Talent
Recruiters are accustomed to piles of unvetted resumes being served on a silver platter through job boards. But that can only get them so far in terms of their organization’s success. Companies gain major efficiencies by identifying passive candidates who are a better fit for the position. QJumpers has developed a unique approach that discovers the best-matched candidates for the job by searching publicly available information on the internet and vast databases of professional talent.
The quality of candidates is of utmost importance. The QJumpers’ A.I. Talent Sourcing Tool addresses this need by finding quality candidates with proper fit through a ranked list of the best-matched talent.

Innovation in Recruitment
QJumpers specializes in developing technology for recruiting and sourcing talent. Its most popular A.I. Talent Sourcing Tool includes a wide range of features such as advanced candidate search, job description analysis, ranked candidate lists, candidate engagement indicator, live and unbiased profiles, improved diversity hiring, built-in talent pipeline functionality, an applicant tracking integration tool and access to millions of candidates.

Greenwich.HR and WageScape – Next Generation Market Insights

Greenwich.HR is the leader in labor market intelligence with the largest and most comprehensive data set available, tracking over 24 million new jobs each month, across all industries. This includes data on hiring demand, pay levels, access to labor, and key skills for over 9.8 million organizations and counting.

This labor market intelligence is integrated into a single dataset that is updated daily and ethically sourced. Because data is collected from public-facing sources, it’s completely transparent. This means users can see information on individual jobs and companies with no lag time.

WageScape – Next Generation Insights For Pay and Hiring

WageScape offers the only source of next-generation compensation intelligence designed to provide the insights needed in today’s fast-moving, hyper-competitive talent market. WageScape is an interactive, easy-to-use pay and hiring intelligence dashboard that allows any user to see what’s happening with pay and hiring for any job in any market. This information is critical for attracting and retaining talent and for setting strategies for recruiting, pay, and growth.

WageScape is the only source of pay intelligence that’s forward-looking, so you see where pay is going – not just where it’s been. And, its easy to use interface allows you to start gaining insights in minutes. Because WageScape uses data from public-facing sources, it’s completely transparent. This allows users to see data on individual jobs and companies with no lag time. Learn more at www.Greenwich.HR/WageScape

About QJumpers USA LLC
QJumpers is an innovative AI-based talent sourcing platform with access to over 350 million candidate profiles worldwide sourced from publicly available information. It performs real-time updates to ensure that recruiters have the very latest candidate and contact information.
QJumpers is also the only solution that has an AI-based Applicant Tracking System combined with an AI Talent Sourcing tool as one fully embedded platform. Visit to learn more.

About Greenwich.HR
Greenwich.HR is the most trusted source of labor market intelligence and offers the world’s most extensive, real-time labor market data set, tracking over 24 million new jobs each month, across all industries. This includes data on hiring demand, pay levels, access to labor and key skills requirements for over 9.8 million organizations and counting. Visit to learn more.