Top Tips for Job Advertisements

Sep 7, 2022


Job advertisements need to be impactful especially in the middle of a global talent shortage.

​Annette Weatherall, Global HR manager from HRAssist has been working in HR for over 30 years and has written thousands of job advertisements.  Annette shares her tips to write an engaging job advertisement.


What should you think about when writing your advert?

A good advert requires time and thought, rushing the process will attract the wrong candidates that don’t fit your job or your culture or worse you may attract no candidates at all.

Depict your company accurately. Have written what your company does?  Does it reflect your company culture and team values?  This is crucial in attracting the right talent so that they understand your company. Include a video if possible it’s a great way to show your company’s personality.

Who are you trying to attract? Be clear about what you want in your candidate, what skills they need, and what type of person you are looking for.

Are you offering the right salaries/benefits to attract your ideal candidate? Do a bit of research, what are your drivers of attraction for your candidates? For example remuneration, career development or work/life balance.

What should we include in a job advertisement?

Be clear on what the job involves. What exactly will they be doing in the role and what skills/qualifications do they need?  This will save your candidates time in eliminating roles that they are not suited for and also save you time as it will attract applications with the right skills.

Include branding, this makes your advert stand out and increases your company profile. Enquire with your job board, some companies have free branding options if you buy a level of advertising.

Where do you apply? It’s simple but often overlooked.  Make sure there is all the information needed for the candidate to make an application and that all forms needed to fill out are easy to find.

Did you know people take an average of 49.7 seconds to read a job advert?

Top Tip: Adding video can increase viewing time to 2-3 minutes


What are the ‘must haves’ in an advert?

  • Clear and searchable title using relevant keywords. Use industry-accepted job titles, ditch Beverage Dissemination Officer for Bartender or Call Centre Manager instead of Chief Chatter
  • Specific information about the company, team, product and workplace.
  • Clear information about the role, responsibilities and background of candidates.
  • Additional benefits – ‘what’s in it for me’
    • Great salary
    • Flexible hours (work/life balance)
    • Company that has been in business for years to show job security
    • Medical insurance
    • Free parking
    • Competitive Salary
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action!


Did you know candidates read an advert in the shape of the letter F?

Top Tip: Put your most important points a the top of the advert and then move into bullet points.


How to format your job advertisement for maximum impact

  • First two paragraphs are crucial to grabbing the attention
  • Format is important. Use bullet points and paragraph breaks
  • Highlight benefits and unique selling points, this is extremely important in today’s market
  • Don’t make your “Our Successful Candidate Will Have” section longer than what you are offering. The candidate may interpret this as you are expecting the earth but you are not prepared to give them much in return.
  • Free from industry acronyms and jargon
  • Use the right language for your target audience
  • Free from spelling and grammar mistakes


Annette Weather is with HRAssist a bespoke HR service agency that provide services such as shortlisting, reference checking and HR consultancy services. To get in contact email her at