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Next Generation Compensation Data

Endless potential and possibilities.

QJumpers AI Talent Sourcing is fully integrated with Wagescape, a Talent Intelligence software.

Wagescape is compensation intelligence designed to provide economic and workforce data and can assist in setting strategies for recruiting, pay, and growth.

WageScape is the only source of pay intelligence that’s forward-looking, so you see where pay is going – not just where it’s been. 

Plus, because WageScape uses data from public-facing sources, it’s completely transparent so you can see data on individual jobs and companies with no lag time.

Application developers, analysts, and consultants all use Greenwich.HR’s robust datasets to fuel their analytics tools. Focus on crafting solutions without the time-consuming work of data mining.


WageScape Features…


WageScape Main Dashboard

The main dashboard of WageScape gives a comprehensive snapshot of the labor market or an individual job.

You can filter the data to suit your needs by selecting job titles, job families or locations to view the market pay trends and hiring organisations. Slice and dice results to create your own reports.


Side-by-side module

Use the side-by-side module to compare two jobs or industries and easily drill down by location or job title.
Now you can compare median salary, hiring organizations, trends and relevant skills.


Company Analysis Module

The company analysis module can assess your competitors individually or your industry overall.

Simply select a company and then drill down into specific details by job family or job listing to see the median salary and company hiring trends over a specified date range.


Location Analysis Module

The Location Analysis Module allows you to search for job data by location, including the ability to compare local and national stats. Then, easily drill down into the location-based job data you need.


WageScape offers the only source of next-generation compensation intelligence to provide insights in today’s talent market