Career Sites: Which technology is better?

Nov 23, 2023

API or Standard Subsite: Which One to Choose?

Career Sites: Which technology is better?

The goal of all of these options is to be able to automatically post jobs to your company website, branded like your organisation and automatically be removed when the jobs expire. Candidates can see all of the jobs and apply for them or express an interest to work at your company.

The application process is tied into the ATS. QJumpers clients can customise the application process job by job, which can give candidates a much better experience and impression of your organisation.
So, what are the different options and what are the benefits of each?

1. Standard Subsite
A subsite, or subpart of a website, is like a separate section that’s still linked to your main company website. Think of it as a branch connected to the main tree. This subsite is hosted by the ATS provider (in this case, QJumpers), and it’s a speedy way to get your jobs automatically posted and linked to your website. You control the content and it has your own company web address – except for the jobs vacancy page.. We call these job vacancy pages ‘subsites’ and they have “subdomains,” or a web address like “” It also comes free with the core QJumpers recruitment platform.

2. API
An API, which stands for “Application Programming Interface,” is like a language that lets different software programs talk to each other. It’s a bridge that helps software applications work together smoothly. The API defines how data is shared, what actions can be performed, and how requests and responses should be structured. Our QJumpers jobs API allows your website to access and display job data in real-time. Your jobs are posted automatically to your company’s website and are removed when they expire without you needing to do anything. The jobs are displayed exactly how you want them look, in line with your existing company website. You have total control of the branding.
This is the most flexible option

3. Custom Hosted Careers Site
A custom hosted careers site is similar to the Subsite careers site, in that the page is hosted by QJumpers but is connected to your website. The difference with a custom site is that QJumpers will build the design to look exactly like your company website. Jobs are still posted and withdrawn automatically but an applicant will not notice any difference at all in website look and feel. They have the experience that you want them to have.

Here are the pros and cons of each option:

Standard Subsite:


  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Comes with a professional design that can be customized to your brand’s colors and logos.
  • Your HR team can manage and update it, changing colors, logos, contact info, and introduction text as needed.
  • It’s included with every licensed organization.


  • The design layout and fonts are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • The URL has the ATS provider’s name in it which some marketing teams are not so happy about.  

So, if you want more flexibility and customization, go for the API. It all depends on your specific needs and resources.  



  • You can customize the look and feel to exactly match your branding.
  • It’s hosted on your website, so the URL is yours.
  • It allows for advanced filtering options, like location and job title.
  • You can use it to list your internal jobs on your intranet.
  • You can change the design whenever you want. 


  • It requires development resources and cost if you don’t have an in-house development team

Custom Hosted Careers Site: 


  • QJumpers will customize the look and feel to exactly match your branding and website.
  • It allows for advanced filtering options, like location and job title.


  • If you want to change the design, you need to ask your ATS provider QJumpers
  • There are charges for creating and editing the careers site
  • The URL has the ATS provider’s name in it

If you would like to know more about any of these different options, feel free to give QJumpers a call today!