QJumpers Recruitment Software FAQs


Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our web-based recruitment software from system set-up to customer support.

Once you sign up as a QJumpers Customer you’ll have access to our robust Knowledge Centre and readily available Support Team, but here are a few quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions….

ATS General Questions

How many users can you have?

With the starter package, you get one user per account. The monthly license packages allows for unlimited users.

Can I email applicants from within the system?
Yes, there are email templates setup within the system that you can use or alternatively write your own. You can email one applicant or use the bulk functionality to email many applicants in one go.
Can I arrange interviews and have it synchronise with my calendar?
Yes, you can arrange interviews and invite your interview panel to the interview. This integrates with your calendar.

ATS System Set up

Are there any set up costs?

Yes. Monthly license packages include most modules, however there are additional costs for the Job Requisition module and AI Talent Sourcing. Extra integrations are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for complete pricing.

Do we have to install anything?
No, QJumpers is cloud based and there is no need for you to install anything.
What if I need to get approval before advertising a job?
QJumpers allows for different approval functionality and workflows within the system. You can use these or else choose to include the Job Requisition module for a more comprehensive process.
How do we pay for advertising?
QJumpers can link to your current job packs through our technology partner eQuest at no cost. If you need to purchase packs, our advertising partner Ad Club will get you sorted in no time. Alternatively you can choose to pay a casual rate for job board advertising.
What job boards can I advertise on?
QJumpers has direct integrations with TradeMe jobs and Seek. We also integrate with eQuest who posts to thousands of job boards all over the world. Call our support team if you have extra advertising enquiries. All jobs also go onto the QJumpers website and your own if you select that option. You can also post your jobs on to your own social media channels.
Can I share Vacancy listing on social media?
Yes, from your own jobs site or from the QJumpers website, you can share your jobs on to the common social media platforms.

Advertising Your Roles

Does QJumpers allow for branded advertising?
Yes – your administrator can set up brands in your system and advertise using whichever is selected.
Do you provide Application forms?


Will my job ad feature on our company careers page too?
If you select to have your own careers page or a feed from the QJumpers system, your jobs will automatically be advertised on your own website. Or you can select to advertise the role internally only.
I need good reporting to give me transparency. Does QJumpers have good analytics?
A Reporting module is included free with every monthly license package. This includes reports on things such as source of applicant, source of hire, time to hire, number of roles advertised by date/department/ hiring manger, current status of roles, etc. … (coming soon…)
Does QJumpers have screening questionnaires?
Yes, all packages allow administrators to create their own screening questionnaires and add them to any vacancy. All applicants will then be required to complete this questionnaire, and you can choose to automatically decline an applicant based on their answers to your questions. You can also choose to rank applicants based on their answers.
Do you share our applicants with other users of the system?
No – your applicants are only for you. We do not promote or sell them to other employers.
Does QJumpers provide talent pools?
Yes, a talent pool is included in all monthly packages.
Does the system integrate with payroll systems?
Yes, please ask if you would like to have QJumpers integrated into your payroll system (or any other HR system). We have an API you can use or alternatively work with your payroll provider to make it happen.
Can my hiring managers communicate directly with applicants?
Functionality depends on the permission and roles that your administrator gives to each user within the system. Bulk emailing to applicants is available along with creating interviews which link to your calendar. All users can add notes about applicants and flag candidates that they like or dislike.

Technical Support

Do I have to pay for system upgrades?
No, all upgrades are done for free. We do regular updates to ensure that you always have the latest technology.
What helpdesk/Support options are there? 24/7? Who?
QJumpers has a dedicated team ready to help with any questions you may have. Feel free to email support@qjumpers.com, log a request on your QJumpers Zendesk account or give us a call. We are open for calls during all normal business hours (CST) as well as New Zealand business hours.
Do you have downtime for scheduled updates or system outages?
Our upgrades and maintenance outages are done between 12pm and 5am CST.

AI Talent Sourcing General Questions

How does AI Talent Sourcing match candidates to my search criteria or job description?

We have a database of over 2 million lexicons.  A lexicon is a skill, expertise, job title, certificate, qualification, or topic.  We use machine learning to analyze this huge database and to work out how each lexicon may be related to each other.  For example, if a person has experience as an Airbus 380 pilot for Singapore Airlines, our technology also assumes that this person has a commercial Pilot’s licence.  The machine learning continues to evolve as it finds more and more relations between lexicons and discovers new lexicons as the world of work evolves.

When a recruiter pastes or uploads a job description into our AI Sourcing tool, we parse the content and match it to our database of lexicons.  Natural language processing can work out what is a skill, qualification, work experience from reading the parsed job description. These are compared to our lexicon database which then comes up with a search criterion to match the job description. The recruiter can review the automated search criteria and modify it if they do not think it is 100% accurate.

Where do the candidates come from?

Once the search criteria is confirmed by the recruiter, our discovery technology crawls the web looking at every piece of publicly available information that it can find that relates to any of the lexicons that the tool has identified as being relevant. It uses natural language processing to understand what it is looking at and pieces together data from a lot of different sources and puts them together as if it is completing a jigsaw puzzle. It works by…

  1. Extracting topics from web pages that users visit
  2. Discovering how users interact with those webpages (and extracted topics) and measuring the frequency of these interactions
  3. Comparing a user’s activity to their peers in the same network
  4. Looking for the frequency, quality and volume of interactions within a peer to peer environment on the topics that form part of the search criteria. If others are talking about a user’s expertise or ranking their answers/comments on public forums or peer to peer networks, this indicates extra confidence in the data that the technology has presented about a user.
Can this integrate with my ATS or HR system?

The QJumpers AI Talent Sourcing is integration ready!

How many candidates can this technology reach?

The QJumpers’ AI technology has access to 370 million candidate profiles worldwide.

Can I recruit for candidates from other countries using this sourcing tool?

Yes, the QJumpers’ AI technology has access to 370 million candidate profiles worldwide.

AI Talent Sourcing Plans & Pricing

How much does it cost?

There are several pricing plans, and the price is based on how many credits you would like per month.

What if I want to stop using this service?
You can cancel or reduce your subscription at any time. Cancellations and decreases will take effect at the end of your current monthly billing cycle.
My recruitment needs change over the year – can I change my subscription plan to suit?

Plans are on a month to month basis. You can increase your plan at any time to get more credits. You can also cancel or reduce your subscription at any time. Cancellations and decreases will take effect at the end of your current monthly billing cycle.
If you do not change or cancel your subscription you will automatically be charged on the same date each month.

What does a CREDIT cost and what does it get you?
Credits cost varying amounts depending on which plan you go with. The higher the plan, the lower the per credit price.

Credits are used to view candidate profiles and get candidate contact details. Each unique candidate profile view uses 0.5 credits. A profile view is triggered when you click on a candidate’s name to open their full profile. Once a profile is viewed, additional views are free and not counted against the credit balance. Each request for a candidate’s contact details uses 1 credit. Contact detail requests are triggered by clicking on the ‘Contact Details’ button from the search area or within a candidate’s profile view, or when a user chooses to send an email to a candidate. If an email address cannot be found when sending an email, a credit is not used for that candidate. Once contact details are retrieved for a candidate, additional views are free and not counted against your credit balance.

How long does a CREDIT last?
One month. The credit balance is reset each month and unused credits are not rolled over. What kind of jobs/industries is this best suited for?
I don’t have access to a company credit card. Can I still use this tool?

Yes. We are happy to talk to you about custom plans and alternative payment methods. Simply request a quote to get started!

Can more than one person have access from my company and will it cost more?

There are unlimited users so the entire team can use it at no extra cost.

Is there a limit to the number of candidates that I can view and contact?

How many profiles you can view and contacts you can make is dependent on your credit plan. Each unique candidate profile view uses 0.5 credits and each request for a candidate’s contact details uses 1 credit. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.