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AI Talent Sourcing

Fast Track Your Way To The Perfect Candidate With QJumpers’ 2nd Generation AI Talent Sourcing Tool

Top talent is in high demand. Our new release AI sourcing technology will help you find talent quickly by automatically scouring publicly available data, such as networking sites, social media, company websites and blogs, to identify top candidates for any vacancy. Criteria such as credentials, location, skills, education and experience will be analysed to produce a ranked list of potential candidates. With one click top candidates can be added to your talent pool or invited to apply for the role.

You’ll be able to spend more time making sure you are an employer of choice, and less time worrying about finding the right candidates!

Recruitment Software

QJumpers specialises in offering flexible recruitment software that unites companies and recruiters with plenty of high-quality talent across any sector. Organisations from New Zealand and beyond trust us to deliver them a robust solution which guarantees they only ever receive the best possible employees; and our software can do exactly this.

Our innovative approach to recruitment comes in two separate packages – namely talent sourcing and applicant tracking – with these two services combined to create a strong overall system that makes it a lot easier to gain new, qualified hires. By choosing QJumpers, you guarantee a simple and effective hiring solution.

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What Is Talent Sourcing?

Talent sourcing is the development of a pipeline that can identify good candidates, and leverage networking to engage them until a role opens up which would suit their skills. A position could already be available – in which case, talent sourcing allows a company or recruiter to find the candidates, and draw them towards this specific opportunity.

Our talent sourcing software uses AI to facilitate this, scanning job descriptions and candidates to assess a role’s exact criteria, and populating the tool with possible applicants. You can also use the software to directly engage with available candidates and secure their interest.

The first half of any recruitment process is finding qualified people, and our AI tool can help your firm with this, with millions of active or passive candidates. If you have any preferences which go beyond the job description, you can add further filters that help you find someone that matches your ideal employee.

This software has an integrated validation checker that provides you with unbiased information about each candidate, allowing you to avoid many of the exaggerations that often come with CVs. Using AI talent sourcing, you can make sure that you have a wide pool of recruits available.

What Is Applicant Tracking?

Applicant tracking focuses on streamlining the recruitment process after applications begin, providing a system that can automatically acknowledge candidates and even send out questionnaires to filter them further. When you open applications, it can be quite time-consuming to filter through unsuitable applicants, and this can take time away from submissions which are worth reading in-depth.

Our applicant tracking software also has the functionality to rank applicants – intelligently checking them against various requirements and preferences to see if they’re a good fit. By trusting our ATS to handle these tasks, you have more time to give recruitment a personal touch.

When you post a job description, every business hopes to get plenty of applicants, including an ideal candidate that matches your criteria. However, this leads to a much busier time for hiring managers, alongside other HR or recruitment staff. 

Our recruitment system can read the facts and data that every application provides – and can display them in a range of formats depending on your hiring priorities. This allows you, and your, company to gain a holistic view of every candidate, including their strengths and suitability. Our convenient and intuitive platform could be just what your organisation needs to manage their applicants.


Why Choose QJumpers Applicant Tracking Software?

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Customised Workflows

Every candidate is different. So is every company. Why use a recruitment system that isn’t flexible!?

Remote Collaboration

Recruit anytime, anywhere! Our mobile friendly recruitment software is perfect for remote hiring and WFH environments.

Real People, Real Support

Our team is full of real people, ready to help get you started and answer your questions!

Intuitive & User Friendly

If you want a system that’s easy for everyone to use, good news… QJumpers is here!

Integration Ready

You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate QJumpers with your existing HR systems.

Recruitment Software Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power. Generate reports and analyse key data with ease.



We’re here to help cure your recruiting headaches! And perhaps… we’ll even solve a few challenges that you didn’t even know you had!

Why Choose QJumpers?

QJumpers has over a decade of experience in helping to manage recruitment – so you can trust us to help your firm flourish by attracting the right candidates and effortlessly managing their applications. We are pioneers in recruitment software, combining our own time in this industry with the individual needs of clients to deliver an exceptional service that provides them with top talent. 

With our help, you could improve your own service by finding and hiring high-value employees who revitalise the business – combining both our talent sourcing and applicant tracking software would be especially helpful.

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What Can Our Specialist HR & Recruitment Consultants Help You With?

Position Descriptions

We can assist with writing or reviewing your position descriptions to make sure that you recruit the right candidate and have clear expectations of your new team member.

Applicants are reviewed, screened, telephone interviewed and the top picks are delivered straight into your online recruitment account.
Background & Reference Checks
Our consultants are experienced in asking the right questions and deciphering what referees say. We can also run Ministry of Justice checks.
Candidate Profiling
We work with a number of different candidate profiling systems. We’ll select one for you needs and explain the results once complete!

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What Our Customers Say

One of our dealers has told us that it’s one of the best systems head office has ever put in. They especially like the dashboard because it’s easy to read: there’s no extra information they don’t need to know but enough to give a good view of what’s going on.


Jane Stella, Future People Development Team Leader

We love the ATS. It is simple and it works! It provides an excellent experience for the hiring manager and candidate. We have been very happy with the pool of candidates. The QJumpers staff are great to work with and very responsive!

FC Dallas

Evie Baker, Vice President of Human Resources & Administration