Harness The Power Of Business Intelligence For Recruitment

Nov 22, 2017


Recruitment System To Help Visualise Internal Processes

Business Intelligence – or BI – is the collection of tools and techniques that allow companies to collect data from inside and outside their business to help drive strategies and internal decision-making – but in the world of big data it has taken on far greater significance.

QJumpers is ready to roll out a new reporting module that will allow clients to not only use the data created from their recruitment system to drive efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the search for new talent, but also visualize that data in useful, intuitive ways and customize specific reports that can help optimize internal processes.

In tough recruitment conditions, using BI can help companies build an analytics culture where decisions are made on hard facts, refine systems to increase efficiency, pinpoint recruitment challenges (both in roles within the company or geographically in terms of talent), and target key metrics such as time-to-hire.

The key functions of the new module are:

Visualization: At the click of a button, managers will be able to literally get a picture of what the company’s recruitment process looks like. Visualizations such as graphs, graphics or maps are easy to understand, fast to digest and simple to build into reports for other key departments or individuals to get buy-in for swift decision-making. Being able to “see” a snapshot of how a company, department or strategy is performing also allows for the easy application of analytics to help identify metrics that really count, predict potential outcomes and move fast to apply change.

Customization: The ability to customize reports and purpose-build dashboards allows individuals to mold their BI for their company’s specific challenges. While off-the-peg systems might give cursory reports, the new self-service QJumpers module allows companies to access and filter the data they have already collected and then gain at-a-glance insights that speak directly to their strategy and performance.

Accessibility: This new reporting environment puts the power of business analytics into the hands of business users who are best able to gauge where change might be necessary by creating permissions than run deeper into a company’s structure and allowing more people to access reports. This visibility lets business users exchange insights and work collaboratively for the benefit of the whole company’s recruitment strategy.

General Manager Simon Oldham said the new module had been developed to significantly improve the existing reporting functions of the QJumpers system.

“Because we wanted to make the whole system better, we have gone searching for top-of-the-line software that gives us business intelligence tools rather than just reporting tools,” Simon says. “At the click of a few buttons this will give them more capability to customize their own reports using whatever information that’s recorded and so they can see what’s going on across the whole company at a glance.

“Improving recruitment processes means analyzing what’s working in terms of advertising, where a business may be struggling to find people both in a specific type of role or geographically, and how they maybe need to change up the strategy and do something different either across a whole company or within an individual department.

“The whole QJumpers system is set up to get the best people as fast as possible so the time-to-hire is the key metric – and using a BI module helps you refine your strategy so you can beat your competition to get to those people.”

To learn more about QJumpers new BI reporting module and experience our fresh, innovative approach to recruitment, customer support, and helping your business to develop a successful recruitment strategy email us at [email protected].