JumpReady – AI technology showing candidate readiness & motivation to change jobs

May 11, 2023

QJUMPERS - New Release

JumpReady – New Release 

JumpReady – AI technology showing candidate readiness & motivation to change jobs

QJumpers is pleased to announce a new innovative addition to its AI Talent Sourcing tool – JumpReady.

The current AI Talent Sourcing tool searches the internet for publicly available information, combining different data sources to create a ranked list of candidate employment profiles that match the search specification created by recruiters. With the introduction of the newly patented technology – JumpReady, recruiters will also get an indication of how motivated each candidate would be to change jobs.

The advantage of this new feature will increase the speed to hire as well as the conversion rate of hires versus outreaches. Recruiters can focus on the candidates with the highest JumpReady score first before looking at less motivated candidates.

The technology makes use of data such as industry, location and job tenure data. It then also looks at information like the average tenure for each candidate across their past jobs, the time in their current role as well as other person specific tenure data. Artificial intelligence is used to create the JumpReady scores allocated to candidates and then has feedback loops so that the system continues to learn and improve over time. The current accuracy level is around 67% and improving every day!

It is technology advances like this and our AI Talent Sourcing tool that has won QJumpers the award of Most Innovative AI Recruitment Software Firm, USA in 2022. We continue to focus our resources on developing technology that will assist talent acquisition specialists & HR teams in recruiting the best candidates, faster and more cost effectively in a globally tight labor market. To find out more about this new addition please contact us at [email protected]