More Than an ATS: Why QJumpers Has Created a System Built Around its Extras

Jan 18, 2018


When applicant tracking systems were first developed they were all about saving time, stress and money when it came to handling candidates…

…but in a few short years that technology has grown to encapsulate all aspects of sourcing and analyzing business recruitment strategies. At the same time the US jobs market has been under increasing stress loads as it copes with the double-edged sword of increased automation removing many lower skilled jobs and increased technology making it necessary for businesses to fight to source highly skilled talent.

More than a decade ago, QJumpers was born into this incredibly fluid and exciting time and right from the start we understood that – rather than supplying an off-the-shelf solution and leaving companies to get on with it once they’d purchased our system – it was important to offer a hands-on approach to intuitive design, customizable technology, effective and holistic recruitment services, and friendly support.

That’s why we quickly grew the potential to offer HR services such as background checks and short-listing services, and then strove to be at the forefront of tech advances which enable us to offer far more than a glorified candidate coping system.


The main QJumpers difference is that we pride ourselves on working alongside our clients- not only to build a system that suits their business, but also one that continues to work alongside them to help grow both their recruitment strategy and, hopefully, their bottom lines.

When we first arrived in the US market our initial feedback from companies was that most ATS were simple off-the-shelf purchases and support was minimal and unfriendly. Too often in our survey we heard complaints that companies had been left on their own once they had bought recruitment software, or had to pay more for support. For QJumpers, personalized, professional support is key to how we operate – we want to work alongside our clients so we love them and they love us.

That’s why we offer free, 18 hours a day support using our teams in the US and New Zealand; we guarantee human support either via the telephone or face to face; an online knowledge center and issue management system that keeps clients up to date on the latest changes; and the ability to vote on or request features to keep our software constantly ahead of the curve.

All our salespeople and support staff know our QJumpers system fully regardless of where they’re based – what’s important is that they offer the personalized, friendly support that all QJumpers clients have come to expect.

Talent pools

Although we’ve always considered the creation of talent pools as one of the major features that helps QJumpers stand out from the crowd, we’ve now been able to grow the sophistication with which we work alongside businesses to develop long-lists of talent and identify highly skilled candidates before the competition. As well as ending up with a tailor-made database of individuals you can contact at the drop of a hat to fill positions, our talent pools allow companies to identify and label potential candidates as former applicants, those who have registered interest, hot prospects and those who you’ve already deemed unsuitable. When the speed of time-to-hire is of the essence to both beat rivals and keep a business on track, talent pools offer a robust and proven source of excellent candidates.

Analytics Companies which combine central headquarters with satellite offices in multiple states require proven and trusted systems that can deal with visibility, compliance and coordination issues to ensure an efficient nationwide recruitment strategy. QJumpers reporting functions are a key element of many large firms adopting our systems as they allow them to keep track of issues such as time to hire, where best applicants come from and how many active and filled roles are occurring at which business units and at which times of the year. It’s all very well handling candidates’ applications and communicating with them fast, but having software that helps you predict gaps in your staffing and where you can best find talent to fill those gaps can keep you ahead of the competition.

Proven partnerships

As well as staying at the forefront of technological advances and keeping an eye on the growth of buzzword recruitment themes such as artificial intelligence and fully automated recruitment, QJumpers has been very effective at partnering with some of the world’s key players when it comes to streamlining the recruitment process. Undoubtedly one of our biggest success stories has been teaming up with the Australian company WorkPro to revolutionize the speed of getting background checks carried out in New Zealand by integrating its online process on to the QJumpers dashboard. This type of innovative partnership is key to how we operate and we have built a similar relationships in the US to help streamline the recruitment process.

Strategic thinking

QJumpers understands that a successful applicant management system is both robust enough to handle and use large amounts of data while remaining flexible enough to treat both employees involved in the hiring process and candidates as individuals. That’s why our system is based around an intuitive dashboard and the ability to customize workflows so the right people are making the right decisions. Businesses are then able to automate precisely the elements of the recruitment system they need while retaining the right levels of personal involvement.

QJumpers is committed to constantly improving the recruitment process in the US to create a streamlined business strategy and a positive candidate experience. For more information on how QJumpers can integrate into your business to develop a successful recruitment strategy and system, email us at [email protected].