QJumpers Named Best Southern USA Recruitment Software Provider

Feb 4, 2021


QJumpers has been named the ‘Best Recruitment Software Provider – Southern USA’ in the New World Report’s recent Software and Technology Awards.

Laura Hunter, NWR’s Awards Manager, stated that “this respected award is indicative of the hard work, innovation, dedication and outstanding effort that the team at QJumpers has shown over the past 12 months. They have excelled through, what can only be described as, turbulent times and have therefore been crowned as one of our illustrious 2020 victors!”

Established more than a decade ago, QJumpers began with the goal of simplifying the recruitment process for recruiters and candidates alike. The company offers an innovative cloud-based talent sourcing and applicant tracking system (ATS).

“We were the first to fully embed an AI web talent sourcing tool into an ATS and using gamification with talent pool matching technologies. As new technology has become available, we have continued to develop our offerings. Our system has evolved to be flexible enough to handle both volume and specialized recruiting processes at the same time” says QJumpers CEO, Simon Oldham.

“Following the competition is not what we do, and our clients are instrumental in helping us to decide our product roadmap. Although we have clients across all sectors, we mainly work in the middle-sized market in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Our clients include the likes of Toyota, FC Dallas, SPCA, The Co-operative Bank, Bidfood, Horizon’s Regional Council, Crown Law, Mercy Hospital and Bupa Health Care. At a top level, our goal is to make finding and hiring talent as fast and painless as possible for our clients through AI, automation, and collaboration.”

With their roots in New Zealand, where the recruitment process is often more collaborative, QJumpers know the demand for flexible technology that delivers an agile workflow across mobile teams (who may at times be spread across the country), yet still ensures granular control from Head Office. As such, QJumpers has remained at the forefront of the industry largely due to its innovative system which is well suited to remote hiring.

Simon explains, “Even before COVID-19 hit, the mid-market was heading towards a remote hiring recruitment direction, and our system has been developed specifically for this. Being able to source passive skilled talent from further afield or hire remote workers during the pandemic has been hugely beneficial. Our system has automated AI sourcing and onboarding tools fully embedded into the recruitment system which makes QJumpers a unique recruitment system.”

With another award in their pocket QJumpers certainly have no plans to slow down. A major focus currently is separating out their AI global web search tool, Global Search & Match, from their ATS platform to establish it as its own product. This will open new markets such as enterprise level businesses and staffing agencies, who have their own ATS but could benefit from the Global Search & Match function that the QJumpers platform offers.