How a company transformed their recruitment processes with QJumpers

May 1, 2023


Invercargill Licensing Trust

The Invercargill Licensing Trust (ILT) is an organisation with over 670 staff spread over multiple sites.  This includes hospitality businesses such as hotels, taverns and alcohol retail businesses in Invercargill and motels in Invercargill, Dunedin and Christchurch.

As a community, non-profit organisation they were looking to centralise recruitment and save their managers time when dealing with applicants.  Due to the nature of the hospitality industry, and in particular the effects of Covid, recruitment is an ongoing process.

The motivation for installing QJumpers was the opening of Invercargill’s newest hotel, The Langlands, which is recruiting over 90 staff, everyone from chefs to reservation staff.  The manager of the hotel needed to be organised with such a big recruitment project.

Kelly Burgess, People and Capability Executive answers some questions about ILT’s experience with QJumpers and how this has changed their recruitment processes.

What was your recruitment process before using QJumpers?

We were using a paper-based system that was managed by the establishments with their processes.  This meant across all our sites we had different systems with no centralisation. There was a lot of extra work for our managers and little or no collaboration between sites.

What were your biggest motivators for change?

The opening of the new hotel, The Langlands. We are recruiting a large number of new staff and we needed to have recruitment software in place to manage this.

We also needed to ensure we are getting the right candidates, focus our retention and recruitment strategy, and make sure our organisation has the right capability and capacity. Previously this would take place in conversations between managers.

Why did you choose QJumpers for your Applicant Tracking Software?

We love that they are a New Zealand based company who know the environment we are working in.  QJumpers was also recommended to us by an HR consultant we have previously used.

Having someone available at the end of the phone was crucial to our rollout.  We had many stakeholders that needed to be able to contact someone quickly to deal with any problems.  The last thing we wanted was frustrated managers giving up on the software rollout.

The QJumpers team continue to be available for our staff after the rollout has been completed.

Our part-time administrator relies on Kate and Gosia for support.  We value the personal connection and relationship we have with QJumpers.

What differences have you seen in your workflow and team?

Our managers have made significant improvements in their workflow, issuing all the employment agreements through QJumpers has been fantastic and a real timesaver.  We’ve noticed a better quality of candidates coming through.

The talent pool has been great for everyone to have access to, it has really helped with the talent shortage.

What have you seen as the biggest benefit?

Something unexpected that happened was that our managers have gained confidence and capability in using technology and are more open to using other technology in the business.  And of course, they feel more empowered in the recruitment process.

Any last words?

Just to say thank you to Simon and the team at QJumpers, they support us and answer any and all questions.  It is so great to have that relationship with a software provider.

Thank you Kelly for sharing your experiences, to find our more about ILT click here.