How QJumpers can help you make the most of Google as it looks to revolutionize recruitment

Oct 25, 2017


Google’s Growth in the Recruitment Sector is Game-Changing

Google’s role in the development of leading-edge technology makes it a global market leader – and since most job hunts start with a visit to their search engine it was only a matter of time that they would get seriously involved in the recruitment industry.

But their level of commitment over the past year has been a revelation as first Google for Jobs, an app that lets job-seekers see at-a-glance details about postings across a whole range of jobs boards and social media sites, and then Cloud Jobs API, which gave recruiters and jobs boards the ability to enhance matching rates by giving them access to cloud-based analytical algorithms, was joined by a third app Google Hire.

Google Hire was launched in the US as an applicant tracking system aimed at the more than 3.5 million businesses that use its G Suite tools bundle – at the moment it’s limited to small and mid-size businesses with fewer than 1000 employees.

Google’s growth in the recruitment sector is a seriously game-changing moment for the industry and another step towards the “holy grail” of automated search, according to QJumpers general manager Simon Oldham.

Simon says it’s now vital for recruiters to ensure their positions are advertised in a way that maximizes the potential of Google’s immense processing and AI power.

“When I first read about this, I said, yes, this is exactly what we want to do – we want to give our clients every opportunity to make the most of job advertising and use every channel available. At QJumpers, we’re used to integrating with companies such as Adzuna and Indeed – in fact we’ve often talked about Indeed as the ‘Google of jobs’, well, now Google can be the Google of jobs and obviously Google will do it better because they are Google.”

As Google raises the stakes in recruitment, says Simon, it is even more important for QJumpers to work alongside third-party app designers to give users access to deeper ATS functionality, while also tapping into Google’s ability to search and index jobs.

“For me the holy grail is an automated search across the whole web including all social media channels, blogs and databases,” Simon says. “This would be a system that can collate data from everywhere into one profile that’s accurate and match automatically to jobs.”

And QJumpers is already working to roll out tech in the US that will build towards this ideal situation. For example, we are currently in talks with a supplier who has built a machine-enriched, passive candidate database of more than 300 million professional profiles from around the globe. Social profiles are aggregated and then enriched with more than 2 million unique skills and scored using an advanced semantic search engine with more than 20 required/desired criteria.

This technology means that QJumpers can build on existing software that allows the system to read a job profile and suggest the best place to advertise by then matching that job profile and the location of that job with ideal candidates whose profiles have been gleaned from databases and social media.

“So if you combine this kind of talent harvesting automated system with the other system that understands the job and its specs, then you can go out to the web and search the whole world to find the best candidates without those people even having to complete a profile,” Simon says. “What we’re trying to do is find two places that match really well and join them together – and if we can do that then we’ve solved the world’s biggest problems when it comes to recruiting. Because, in the end, what everyone wants to be able to do, is really easily find the best person for the job with the least amount of work.”

QJumpers is constantly evolving its leading-edge recruitment software so businesses can trust their system to cope with constant changes and stay at the forefront of sourcing the best talent. For more information on how we can work alongside your business to develop a successful recruitment strategy and system email us at