HR Software for New Employee Offer Documents

Sep 19, 2019


The smartest cookie in the jar!

There is so much paperwork to be finalized with every new hire in the USA. Your staffing firm or hiring team have hit it out of the ballpark finding you the perfect person and now you have to start processing it all.

We realize this is significantly time consuming for businesses so QJumpers have created a streamlined document process with our new Employment Offer Functionality that generates and receives completed new hire employee forms. Of course, there is a lot of advice and companies online that can guide you through this process. But why not free up your time by automating this process entirely online so you can concentrate on your new employee in their important first few days.

Team Managers and Human Resource staff often take the initial responsibility for a new hire’s first few days and they need to allocate time in their diary to accommodate training, time they just don’t have. At QJumpers our main priority is streamlining and simplifying recruiting processes, so they are user friendly, reliable and dependable. We truly understand the pressure points of onboarding new hires, so this led to some clever cookie at QJumpers (Simon) to say,

“We know how much time our clients are spending on manually creating their employment document bundles for each successful hire. Also, we understand how they are delayed by waiting for the documents to be signed and returned by post or email and what this means to their business. Why don’t we just create an automated electronic version – like Docusign – but better?”

Imagine only having to review specific new hire details on preloaded forms and then they can electronically sign the documents in their secure candidate portal. The dashboard is updated when documents have been opened or signed by the new hire and then the business is updated in real time once the documents have all been signed. There is even a notes function where new hires and staff can ask questions and view each other’s response. How much time would these intuitive HR Technologies save your business?

QJumpers has completed the Employment Offer Document functionality in the rebuild of our innovative recruitment software and new hires can now provide electronic signatures online. It’s a piece of cake to guide your staff through the entire process but we still have our team customer support happy to help.

One team member mentioned that a first day at a company can be unexciting because you end up spending half of the day filling out paperwork in your New Employee Orientation. Is that the first image you want to give of your company – lots of paperwork? Wouldn’t it be better that they meet the team, learn more about your company and start training on their new job – all the important social interaction and training that energises a new staff member? Companies want to project a professional, efficient and approachable brand from the initial attraction right through to current staff members, so don’t drop the ball mid-way when someone receives a job offer. The job market is incredibly tight right now with skills shortages and low unemployment levels. If your new hire doesn’t feel wanted then they could very easily flake/ghost and then you’re back to the beginning. ‘Ghosting’ may be from the dating scene, however it happens in recruitment too (even with new employees) so your onboarding process needs to be awesome. The first impression of your brand and team is so important where you are welcoming them to the group, ideally with donuts and cookies.

QJumpers can help your business streamline and simplify your HR processes, allowing you to get on with onboarding your new employee. Ask us about our latest module – the Employment Offer Document generator today.