QJumpers Revolutionizes US Customer Support Around Recruitment Software

Nov 14, 2017


Personalized Recruiter Software Support Key To QJumpers Success

When QJumpers decided to bring its leading edge recruitment software and ATS to the Texas recruitment market, we knew we were not only introducing innovative technology to one of the world’s toughest recruitment environments, but also changing the way companies actually deal with their ATS providers.

One of the key complaints of existing recruitment software providers revealed by our thorough survey of Texas companies was that once a company had invested in a system, they were largely left to their own devices when it came to tech support.

Too often in our survey we heard complaints that companies had been left on their own once they had bought recruitment software, or had to pay more for support. But, for QJumpers, personalized, professional support is key to how we have always operated since forming more than a decade ago in New Zealand – a country renowned for putting face-to-face meetings and personable support ahead of dry, robotic, impersonal feedback.

In short, we want to work alongside our clients to understand their business goals, so we love them and they love us.

And that’s why we have developed key QJumpers features:

  • Free support
  • Coverage 18 hours per day (NZ and US hours)
  • Human support via telephone or face-to-face
  • Online knowledge center
  • Feature requests and voting
  • Online issue management system (to keep clients informed of any updates)
  • Dedicated Account Manager

A crucial first step to changing how our Texan client companies will experience QJumpers recruitment software was to bring our first salespeople from our Dallas headquarters over to New Zealand for a fortnight to see first-hand how we have developed relationships with existing companies and experience for themselves New Zealand’s unique business environment.

General Manager, Simon Oldham says the visit was vital to ensure QJumpers can revolutionize a market in Texas which is now used to dealing with chatbots, emails or queueing systems that can often leave companies waiting 24 or 48 hours to receive important information.

“Part of the journey to New Zealand too was about giving our salespeople in America some stories to take back about how we operate in New Zealand because they have returned with a real appreciation of New Zealanders,” Simon says.

“Kiwi culture is all about how we talk to people and relate to them and how we translate that into doing business in an open, honest and friendly manner. Texas is a friendly place too and we feel a real cultural match here – but it just doesn’t seem to translate into customer support.

“The visit also allowed all staff from Dallas and New Zealand to form good bonds because the idea is that we’re one team globally. No matter where our staff may be going forwards, we want them to know they’re part of one QJumpers team and that means our new clients can receive support from anyone anywhere and know they will still get that special QJumpers service.

“Our research has told us that everyone feels as if they get sold a piece of software and then they’re forgotten about – and it’s especially hard to get anyone on the phone for support. So we want to bring that New Zealand culture in the way we provide support and work alongside clients to help develop their businesses as a point of difference into the US market.”

To experience QJumpers’ fresh, innovative approach to recruitment, or for more information on how QJumpers can work alongside your business to develop a successful recruitment strategy and system, email us at [email protected].