Recruiting Passive Candidates with Social Media

Jul 18, 2018


Are you miserable that Game of Thrones is over and wondering how you will ever get your Arya Stark fix now?

 Maisie Williams (aka Arya) – are you planning on doing a prequal/sequel/anything that can give us a glimmer of hope that there’s more to come?!

Well to be honest, Maisie Williams has been quite busy co-founding a social media platform called Daisie.

Arya Stark has created a new flower website?!  

No, even better, Daisie targets creative people in art, fashion, TV, film, photography, music and literature.  The platform’s focus is to bring creatives across these industries together, help foster collaboration with other artists and provide an alternative route into the industry. Even Recruiters can sign up!

Williams at the 2019 Paris Fashion Week,

“Instead of [creators] having to market themselves to fit someone else’s idea of what their job would be, they can let their art speak for themselves.” Maisie Williams.

Daisie is a perfect example of how younger generations are driving a growing trend where they remain true to their values and work style rather than adapting their skillset and work patterns into employer expectations. They present their skills and ideas and expect employers to engage with how they want to work moving forward – including the recruitment process. Social media plays a large part of this process: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms are pretty much this generation’s invention and therefore a major part of their identity – so it makes sense that they utilise it for employment opportunities as well. Any companies not willing to engage in this new recruitment process may be left behind.

By promoting themselves and their work on social media platforms like Daisie, candidates are letting employers find them on their own terms. This is not new; advertising companies have been approaching celebrities to endorse their products on Instagram and publishing companies trawl through Fan Fiction websites for their next star author and they actively seek out these trend setters to promote their business. Recruiters are beginning to do the same.

Because like it or not, Recruitment is heading in the same direction. It’s becoming a candidate driven market where certain skills are in demand and advertising your vacancy is not going to attract the best selection for your business anymore. Companies need to search passive candidates across all available platforms by using leading edge recruitment and HR technology and lure them in because it makes good business sense to do so: “Passive candidates make up 70% of the global workforce, whereas active candidates only make up 30%. If you don’t source candidates from both groups, you are limiting your search for talent.” Mike Kappel,

So where are these people? How do I find them? More importantly, who on earth has the time to scroll through all the Social Media platforms out there, I’m not a robot!

 No, but our Brainiac developers at QJumpers have been developing an AI tool that can do this instantly for you. Did you know that 79% of Americans have a social media profile and the number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.95 billion by 2020? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your business could tap into that with QJumpers’ ATS system?

Now the AI – Global Search and Match recruitment software that QJumpers have developed isn’t going to present you with a dry, dusty Resume document like a recruiter would. Which is a good thing – truly! A Resume usually only provides minimal facts about a person and is no indication of their ‘soft skills’. They also take a bit of unpicking to ensure the details are correct and accurate. Terrible Resumes can represent great candidates and strong Resumes can be completely unsuitable applicants. The AI – Global Search and Match can deliver a profile of talent that is a more complete snapshot of a candidate because it represents their interests, priorities, passions and communication style. You can assess their attitude, team fit and even their IT skills utilizing this method. Now that there are tougher employment regulations in the marketplace you need to ensure that you’re getting it right first time, so every little bit of information helps make the right placement. But if you still really want that Resume document, well, you can always ask them for it!