Why QJumpers is designed for the Texas recruitment market

Sep 25, 2017


Texan companies are looking for recruitment software that’s ahead of the innovation curve

QJumpers’ decision to break into the Texas recruitment market is based on two years of research and feedback to ensure we bring exactly what is needed to a booming region.

Although we’re new to the state, we’re certainly not new to recruitment software and technology and have spent 12 years becoming a leading innovator in New Zealand recruitment – and having decided to base our new headquarters in Dallas and focus on building partnerships with companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, we’re keen to hone our fresh approach to HR to provide specific solutions to the specific challenges that Texas companies face.

We surveyed more than 120 companies across a range of industries and sizes and used their feedback to tailor how we would build a system for them.

Texas is the “right fit” for an innovative business like QJumpers

What we heard: “If the process takes too long, we will lose the best candidates.”

We searched throughout the world for a market ready for the technological innovation that QJumpers can bring to recruitment and all indicators (high percentage growth in jobs vacancies, high level of sophistication in software, technology and connectivity) pointed to a region ready for our style of software and service.

Added to that, we recognised many of the issues from our more than a decade’s experience in New Zealand – only supersized to Texan standards. For example, many companies told us it was so difficult to get top talent and reach that talent quickly that they had switched their priority from recruitment to retention. This is something we’ve already seen in the New Zealand market and so we’ve learned to work with companies to develop a system that gives them a strategy to access top talent really quickly and allows them to beat their competition.

Key touchpoints: Customizable
  • Job requisition workflows completely customizable
  • Email templates
  • Compensation offers
  • Declination reasons
  • Recruitment workflow
  • Talent pool segmentation
  • User permissions and functionality
  • Branding
  • Screening questionnaires
  • Application questionnaires

Texan companies are looking for recruitment software that’s ahead of the innovation curve

What we heard: “We can’t find employees fast enough.” “Our system is not mobile friendly.”

In such a competitive market, our QJumpers offers something special: technology that does the hard work for companies via machine learning and artificial intelligence to look at who is right for the job and ranking applicants based on their skills and how similar applicants have performed in the past.

Our system is constantly evolving so that it meets the needs of the organization – whether that’s at an organizational level or a hiring manager level – so they can tell who’s the best fit for any role. We heard plenty of feedback about hiring managers or recruiters spending up to 30 minutes to load job ads onto individual jobs boards or being limited to specific jobs boards– our software allows ads to be uploaded onto multiple boards at the press of a button as well as ranking boards so businesses can see which have been successful in reaching the best candidates.

We are also in talks right now to integrate exciting new technology which allows companies to scour the world for top talent by sifting through countless information sources such as social media and message boards and identifying ideal candidates.

Key touchpoints: Best people, fast
  • Access thousands of job boards globally
  • Free talent pool
  • Talent pool automated search and recommendations
  • Automated Applicant ranking tools
  • Automated Applicant filtering tools
  • Unlimited user access – no extra charge for more users – means ‘the best people can choose the best people’

Recruitment needs to be able to fit into businesses’ existing structures

What we heard: “My system does not give me total visibility of the recruitment process.”

A lot of feedback spoke about inflexible systems that, for example, didn’t mesh with payroll or other HR systems. QJumpers has created a new admin area for their Texas launch which allows companies to fully customised to create a personalised experience and workflows. Central to any company’s recruitment strategy and key to how we work with existing structures is also our “talent pool” – which is free with the software – so businesses get to build a database of potential employees and can target them quickly when new roles appear.

Key touchpoints: End to end process
  • Job requisition workflows
  • Job advertising approvals
  • Compensation approvals
  • Advertise anywhere from one place
  • Manage and edit jobs
  • Shortlist, interviews, offers, background checks
  • Reporting/analytics
  • APIs to integrate with other HR systems
  • Free instant job site

Recruitment software needs to be intuitive for anyone involved in the hiring process

What we heard: “You need a tech brain to use all the functions. I am in Recruitment not IT.”

Our feedback was full of comments about “cumbersome” software that was built for large corporations and intimidating for users. Central to our philosophy is the decentralization of the recruitment process and, hence, the need to develop an intuitive interface with users that allows them to know instinctively what they’re working on and what to do next. The QJumpers dashboard is so successful in this extent that it has changed very little from the model we developed for the New Zealand market – it’s just backed now by far more powerful software.

Key touchpoints: Great design – Intuitive system

Texas companies want a better candidate experience from their recruitment software

What we heard: “Our system is not candidate friendly.”

The candidate experience is vital in a competitive market like Texas where poor interaction with applicants can see them disappear at any stage of the process. QJumpers works by allowing applicants to input their CVs and then have them automatically updated so hiring managers get all the information they need to make a decision.

This process also allows the business to build its own “talent pool” as set fields are easier for a machine to read and hence rank and match potential candidates who have either applied or registered interest previously.

Key touchpoints: Candidate experience
  • Fast easy experience
  • Profile automatically populated from CV
  • Developed for mobile
  • Update their information manage job applications

Texas companies are demanding a better service from their software suppliers

What we heard: “We don’t receive enough tech support.”

Too often in our survey we heard complaints that companies had been left on their own once they had bought recruitment software, or had to pay more for support. For QJumpers, personalized, professional support is key to how we operate – we want to work alongside our clients so we love them and they love us.

Key touchpoints: Best support
  • Free support
  • Coverage 18 hours per day (NZ and US hours)
  • Human support via Telephone or face to face
    online knowledge center
  • Feature requests and voting
  • Online issue management system (keeps clients informed of any updates)

For more information how QJumpers can work alongside your business to develop a successful recruitment strategy and system, email us at sales@qjumpers.com.