Why QJumpers is the Best ATS for the High-Tech Industry

Apr 14, 2020


The number of available jobs in the U.S. exceeded job seekers by 659,000 in July according to the Department of Labor Job Report.

The number of available jobs in the U.S. exceeded job seekers by 659,000 in July according to the Department of Labor Job Report. With unemployment at 3.9 percent, a historically low level, and job openings at record highs, many employers are faced with a perfect storm.

[1] The high-tech industry, in particular, is facing significant hurdles in hiring well-qualified talent. According to an analysis by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)[2], the total number of workers in the high-tech sector is 11.5 million, and new jobs are being created at a rapid pace – around 200,000 per year.

But the news is not all bad. The number of people who are quitting their jobs is also at near-record highs! It appears that the tight labor market has given qualified job seekers the confidence to look around and be open to new opportunities should the conditions be right. This is where QJumpers comes in…

[3] There is a major talent shortage, which means that it is now a highly competitive market. In order to fill positions at any level, you need to be able to find and hire people very quickly. To land the top candidates, you need to hire even faster.

Traditionally, when the market swings to a talent-short market, businesses turn to costly staffing agencies to fill their roles. But, now there is a more cost-effective and scalable way to source talent. The new QJumpers AI sourcing and ATS system automatically presents the best matched technical talent as soon as a job is posted through it’ Global Search and Match module. Global Search and Match scours publicly available data, such as networking sites, social media, peer to peer sites (e.g., github and stack overflow), company websites and blogs, to identify candidates for a specific job. Criteria, such as credentials, location, skills, education, experience and previous employers, can be prioritized, producing a ranked list of potential candidates. With one click, top candidates can be invited to apply for the job or added to a talent pipeline, bypassing the need for outside recruiters and headhunters.

QJumpers helps its clients with a long-term talent strategy by equipping clients to build their own pools of tech talent. This talent pool only contains candidates who have previously expressed an interest in working with the client in one shape or form, improving the likelihood that they would be interested in a job when one becomes available.

As another recruiting tool, QJumpers clients can always advertise open positions on any of the tech jobsites that are linked to the QJumpers ATS. The QJumpers ATS then takes care of many of the time-consuming tasks, such as screening and ranking candidates, communicating with unsuccessful and withdrawn applicants, coordinating interviews and keeping managers up to date with progress, freeing clients up to focus on interviewing and hiring only the best.

The state-of-the-art AI sourcing module, Global Search and Match, gives clients access to a sourcing tool that is more powerful than those used by staffing agencies. Global Search and Match allows QJumpers clients to get in front of the best talent before even the big technology brands. To get the best talent, the most important thing is to be fastest at finding them. Now you can.

Additional information about QJumpers:

  1. Built on the latest technology
    • Single page app so the system is fast
    • Built on a platform for mobile
    • Built as a series of APIs so that QJumpers can integrate with virtually any technology
    • Performance not impacted by volume – using AWS – automated load balancing so that QJumpers never runs out of disk space or processing power
    • Fully scalable
    • High availability – QJumpers has very little risk of crashing
    • Designs tested by usability and user interface experts
  2. Full control given to client
    • Administration area gives the system administrator full control of user permissions, functionality, communications and workflows
  3. Roadmap
    • Our roadmap includes innovative technologies that make use of artificial intelligence and video technology combined to help tech companies quickly and easily assess the abilities of technology applicants. This is seriously cool.

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