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Let QJumpers sort through your job applicants.

No more wasting time on unsuitable candidates. We know that the hiring process is both costly and time consuming. We also know that this process is an important investment in your company because who you hire becomes the face and backbone of your company.

The performance of your employees is a big factor in how your company will grow. Our HR & Recruitment Consultants will filter talent down to a shortlist and then, if you wish, take them through the interview process to see if they suit the company’s requirements. We will dig into the employment history of an individual, take a look at their skills in various fields and even observe their character/demeanour to have a better understanding if they’ll be a good fit for the position and your company.

Our Recruitment & HR Consultants will also make sure that your company stays compliant in every employment law there is. We undertake ongoing training and education in employment law and adhere to these laws to veer away from any legal challenges.

Not only that, but a QJumpers HR & Recruitment Consultant can also provide an outside perspective to your business. Offering experience and strategic insight, we can help you identify areas that can be improved and develop a strategic plan to implement (if you so desire!).

Our Service Packages


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The perfect service when you want to create your own Shortlist, but not waste time sorting through profiles that clearly don’t match your needs.

Provide us with three key criteria you wish your job applicants to have (skills, experience, qualifications etc.), and an experienced QJumpers HR & Recruitment Consultant will manually screen them all!

Candidates that meet your minimum criteria will be added into your online QJumpers account. The others will be put into your declined area where you can still take a look if you like.

Then it’s over to you. Use our intuitive recruitment software to communicate, shortlist, interview and decline your applicants.

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This is a great service when you want your candidates to be filtered, telephone screened and delivered to you.

An experienced QJumpers Recruitment & HR Consultant will discuss your role with you and write the advert to attract the best candidates.

We will advertise the job on Seek and TradeMe Jobs.

All candidates that meet your brief will then be screened by one of our Consultants who will then write up notes for you to view in the Applicant Tracking Software.

Finally – we will notify all unsuccessful candidates at the end of the recruitment process to ensure that your brand is protected.

The price of this service includes your job listing advertising!

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An experienced QJumpers Recruitment & HR Consultant will write your job advertisement to attract the best candidates.

You choose where to advertise (or we can advise you) and we load the job for you.

All applicants will be acknowledged, screened and reviewed by your Consultant as soon as they come in.

Your HR & Recruitment Consultant will manage all candidate queries and responses, including declining unsuitable applicants.

To further establish their suitability for the job, the best applicants will be telephone interviewed by your Consultant.

We will present you with the top candidates, along with details of their telephone interview. If you like, we can also conduct reference checks and Ministry of Justice Checks (MOJ).

Your Recruitment & HR Consultant will liaise with you along the way to ensure you are comfortable with the progress and applicant quality – and discuss any further requirements you have.

Shortlist is a very cost competitive service if you don’t have the time to manage the recruitment process yourself and don’t want to pay the high fees of a traditional recruitment agency. You still get access to recruitment expertise and knowledge through our highly experienced HR & Recruitment Consultants, you just don’t pay as much.

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