12 Ways Mobile Recruitment Can Help You Source Top Talent

May 28, 2018


If the future of technology is truly mobile, then the future of recruitment has to follow suit.

Having a mobile recruitment strategy ought to be a done deal for companies considering the number of mobile devices on the planet now outnumber people – so it’s surprising to note that many firms are still lagging behind when it comes to optimising their careers sites for a mobile audience.

Most research over the past couple of years reveals that people looking for work consider their mobile device is a vital tool – and, at QJumpers, we understand that companies which tap into this demand get to their talent faster than the competition.

So what are the key benefits, and who are you targeting when you mobilize your recruiters?

  1. Faster = better. It’s a tough jobs market out there at the moment so it pays to get to talent ahead of the competition. And the faster you find them, the sooner they can be brought on board.
  2. Flexibility. Applicants are checking in to their emails, social media, and searching for and applying for jobs while they’re on the go – so you have to be there when they’re ready.
  3. Know your applicants. Sometimes your ideal candidate might not be sat in front of a computer terminal, but you can bet they’ve got their phone on them! Knowing you can reach someone even while they’re working on the line, or even if they’ve only got a tablet at home puts you ahead of the game.
  4. Smooth application process. From browsing potential roles, through first point of contact, all the way through uploading CVs and arranging interviews, what could be smoother than handling the whole process via a mobile device?
  5. Positive candidate experience. Candidate experience is everything in a tough jobs market and the flexibility, speed and personal touch of contacting applicants via their mobile devices are key to giving them exactly what they want.
  6. Video interviewing has gone mobile. The ability to Facetime applicants or arrange video interviews at times that suit both companies and candidates, is greatly enhanced when those taking part in the interviews can be contacted via mobile devices. And, of course, it speeds up the process immeasurably.
  7. Up your mobile traffic. Companies that fully optimize their web content and layout for mobile devices don’t just provide an intuitive, seamless experience – they see genuine spikes in their mobile traffic. This ties directly to greater numbers and better quality of applicants.
  8. Convenience for recruiters. QJumpers recruitment software lets hiring managers and HR staff access cloud storage, manage candidates, load jobs, approve a job requisition, shortlist, decline arrange interview, approve remuneration packages and generate reports all from their mobile devices.
  9. Control for recruiters. Recruitment strategies can easily come unstuck because of bottlenecks or complex processes – knowing that everyone in the recruitment loop is fully mobile eases this process. And if it does break down from time to time, then the QJumpers recruitment software can send a link to the specific person so the task can be completed right then and there.
  10. Meeting expectations. Applicants and recruitment staff are almost certain to use their mobile devices every day – so what would either group feel about a company which doesn’t? Companies which don’t offer fully mobile-optimized recruitment sites risk looking behind the times very quickly.
  11. Reflection of company branding. Because a company’s social media and online profiles are almost certainly central to their branding strategies, being able to optimize a mobile recruitment strategy both reflects well on that company’s innovation and offers a chance for positive branding exposure.
  12. Cutting edge of innovation. The growth of connectivity and mobile network connection speeds are only expected to increase – by harnessing mobile technology to your company’s recruitment strategy, you are ensuring that you are staying at the forefront of that change.

To experience QJumpers’ innovative approach to mobile recruitment technology and seamless talent acquisition, or for more information on how QJumpers can help you develop a successful recruitment strategy and system, email us at sales@qjumpers.com.