QJumpers’ Talent Acquisition System Closes the Loop on Recruiting with New Job Offer Management and Digital Signature Capabilities

May 15, 2020


QJumpers, innovators breaking new ground in the quest for global talent, today introduced the Job Offer Management module for its Talent Acquisition System, closing the loop of the recruitment process by enabling hirers to identify and recruit candidates, then accept digitally-signed offers without leaving the system.

Once a candidate has been selected for a position, the Job Offer Management module selects and generates the appropriate onboarding documentation based on document templates stored and data captured on the system. By allowing candidates to digitally sign and return letters of offer and other employment documents through its secure candidate portal, the new module significantly reduces administration time related to the distribution and collection of offer documents. Dashboard updates provide visibility for the recruiting and hiring managers, notifying everyone in real time as documents are reviewed and completed. Signed documents are stored on Amazon Web Services servers, providing accessibility and ensuring data security.

“In a tight job market, you have to move quickly or risk losing your best candidate to the competition,” said Simon Oldham, QJumpers Co-Founder. “We know how much time our clients are spending on manually creating their employment document bundles, then waiting for the documents to be reviewed, signed, and returned by post or email. We saw an opportunity to improve the experience for both our clients and their new hires.”

The new functionality complements QJumpers’ ability to connect to thousands of job boards, automate world-wide searches for talent using artificial intelligence, provide transparency on the hiring process and integrate with human resources and payroll systems.

“We’ve dramatically reduced the need for administration because all of our employment documents are automatically generated by the QJumpers recruitment system,” said Julia Wiegandt-Goude, GM – People, Culture and Safety at SPCA NZ. “That has fantastically reduced the amount of time spent on creating new offer and onboarding documentation. The ability to accept digital signatures speeds things up even further.”

QJumpers’ talent acquisition system decentralizes the recruitment process, creating a collaborative environment with automated workflows to ensure that all the right people get to weigh in on a candidate, while eliminating bottlenecks and increasing visibility into the process. The module-based system integrates seamlessly with assessment providers, payroll programs, performance management systems, and more.