What Does AI-Assisted Recruiting Really Mean?

Jan 28, 2020


Let AI-Assisted Recruiting Automate Hiring

Recruiting talent is an integral and interactive part of every business, and savvy HR leaders understand that recruiting efforts that produce bad hires are costly. Recruiting and onboarding the wrong employee can cost as much as $240,000, according to one report from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

AI-assisted recruiting is one way to reduce bad hires by ensuring recruiters and hiring managers are focused and spend time on the human elements of recruiting while automating administrative tasks and utilizing data analysis to find candidates. With AI-assisted recruiting, organizations have the potential to improve talent acquisition with better data and intelligence that will assist them in identifying the right hiring criteria, sourcing stand-out candidates, and improving the quality of hires.

Selecting Hiring Criteria

AI-assisted recruiting helps recruiters and hiring managers by choosing the right criteria to meet job requirements. QJumper’s Global Search and Match is an example of how, with the proper technology, an ATS can read the job description and determine what the employer is looking for in a candidate based on over 24,000 different skills and over 6 million lexicons (e.g. experiences, job titles, expertise, qualification’s etc). Using job titles, skills and experience, AI will help establish job requirements and assign values to those requirements to make a high-level match between hiring criteria and candidate proficiency.

AI also has the ability to analyze a job posting for bias and then offer suggestions on how to improve the posting. 

Sourcing Stand-out Candidates

Once the hiring criteria are identified, AI-assisted recruiting saves recruiters time by reviewing resumes to find a match. Unfortunately, due to today’s labor shortage, recruiters can’t rely on just active candidates in the system. AI can suggest good candidates from their pool, but it’s still a closed pool. To get top talent, recruiters must find candidates before they may even know they are candidates.

That’s why we’ve built QJumpers Global Search and Match to harness the power of AI to expand a recruiter’s search to previously uncharted territory. Global Search and Match assists recruiters by searching online activity around the globe for passive candidates who may not be looking for a job, but who might leave their current position for the right opportunity. This type of AI-assisted recruiting, which uses data and information available via the web, opens the door for recruiters to search and find candidates with exactly the expertise you need—even if they haven’t submitted a resume.

Improving the Quality of Hires

The right AI technology can provide recruiters and hiring managers the confidence that you have the right candidate pool. The combination of data-driven hiring criteria and vetted candidates lead to better hires.

Similarly, when you trust candidate search to AI, recruiters can do the tasks which require human interactions—such as interviewing candidates, partnering with hiring managers to make the right hire, and ensuring that the right talent acquisition strategies are in place to guarantee new employees are engaged during their onboarding experience. And AI can even aid in completing some of those more traditionally manual tasks, like interviewing. With facial recognition technologies and natural voice processing, AI can assist in the analysis of candidates and help identify soft skills that might be missed by a human interviewer.

AI can also look at a candidate’s skills and abilities and match them to the requirements of the position, so when those interviews do happen they are only with people who have the ability to do the work required.

By using AI to handle time-consuming processes that can be automated, recruiters and hiring managers can focus on the critical human elements of recruitment. Finding the best talent requires speed and agility. Organizations that embrace an AI-assisted recruiting process are poised to seize the talent when as soon as they see it.