Why Our New Dallas Salespeople Received a Unique Induction into QJumpers

Dec 6, 2017


Friendly, personable and professional ATS support.

At QJumpers we understand exactly how important a company’s onboarding procedure is to ensure new recruits receive a taste of what’s expected of them – and that’s why we flew our first Dallas-based salespeople half way around the world!

Sarah and Michael might not have expected their QJumpers journey to start with a 7400-mile journey across the Pacific to Mount Maunganui on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, but, according to President Simon Oldham, it was a vital first step to understanding how the company can bring a very different approach to recruitment software and ATS into the tough Texas recruitment market.

Before QJumpers launched in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, we surveyed more than 120 companies across a range of industries and sizes and used their feedback to tailor how we would build a system for them – and one of the key issues they highlighted was how their existing ATS suppliers either offered no tech support, very little support (and often at an additional cost), or impersonal, chat-bot or email support only.

But one of QJumpers key strategies to change the face of recruitment software is to offer friendly, personable and professional support either face-to-face or via the phone, and to offer that support in a way that would be familiar to a New Zealand client, but all-too strange to a company in the United States.

And so, with the goal of introducing Sarah and Michael to an alternative form of customer service, QJumpers brought them to New Zealand for a fortnight during which time they were able to meet existing clients, and see how we get to understand their companies so we can work alongside them to help grow their business and make them more efficient.

“A big part of QJumpers support is account management,” Simon says. “So they were able to visit clients to see how we ask whether they have any issues we could work together to get past, find out what they like and don’t like about their systems, and get a gauge of what they’re trying to do in their business so we can help them achieve their goals.”

And as well as staying next to the beautiful beach at Mount Maunganui, Sarah and Michael were also able to taste a bit of Kiwi culture thanks to some of QJumpers’ existing clients – such as the Maori cultural center Te Puia, where they saw the famed geysers and learned some traditional Maori customs such as the haka, the downhill tobogganing luge at Skyline in Rotorua, and the Agridome where they could experience some of New Zealand’s more rural lifestyle.

“They couldn’t believe it – and what a way to start a job,” Simon says. “It was a lot of fun, but part of it had a serious side. It was also about giving Sarah and Michael some stories to take back to America about how we do business over here in New Zealand. They left with a real appreciation of New Zealanders and Kiwi culture: about how we talk and relate to people, and how we translate that into doing business in an open, honest and friendly manner. “It also allowed them to develop good bonds with our New Zealand team because the idea is that we’re one team and that our new clients can expect their support to come from anywhere.

“The idea is that if the team in America is busy, the team in New Zealand can offer support or if a new setup is required that can be carried out in New Zealand and the support can come from America. All our salespeople and support staff know our QJumpers system regardless of where they’re based – what’s important is that they offer the personalized, friendly support that all QJumpers clients have come to expect.”

To experience QJumpers’ fresh, innovative approach to recruitment and customer support, or for more information on how QJumpers can work alongside your business to develop a successful recruitment strategy and system, email us at [email protected].