New AI Candidate Search Software to Solve Highly Competitive Job Market Challenges

Sep 7, 2021


AI Talent Sourcing Tool finds potential new employees from publicly available information to help businesses fill skill shortage jobs in highly competitive job market.

PLANO, Texas – QJumpers, an innovative sourcing and recruitment software provider, today announced its newest product, AI Talent Sourcing. The tool scours publicly available information and uses artificial intelligence to find, rank and engage highly qualified, passive job candidates that previously could not be found through traditional sourcing and advertising methods.

AI Talent Sourcing is an offshoot of another product launched two years ago which was embedded into the QJumpers Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Due to client demand, QJumpers has released a new and improved version that can be used independently of the ATS.

Recruiters can either paste a job description into the tool and let the AI generate its own candidate search specification, or they can create their own. AI Talent Sourcing then presents a list of candidates ranked by how well they match this search criteria. Candidate profiles are created by combining pieces of information from publicly available data, such as networking sites, social media, company websites and blogs. The results can be refined further by specifying preferences such as location, skills, education, and years’ experience. It can also be used for diversity hiring.

“By separating AI Talent Sourcing into its own product and building extra enhancements, we are now able to sell into markets that we previously could not access, such as staffing agencies and enterprise clients anywhere in the world.” said Simon Oldham, QJumpers Co-Founder.

“With low immigration and low unemployment rates, competition for talent is really tight. You either need a big brand or a big wallet to lure in talent. AI Talent Sourcing means that any business can access the best talent – it’s just a matter of how well you can tell your story to convince someone to join your team.”

QJumpers AI Talent Sourcing Tool



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